Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cheers to My New Adventure

*p*O*p  open the bubbly --  May 20, 2015
NEW! logo, NEW! labels and best of all -- I've made it to our NEW! location in Scappoose, OR.  As promised Aromatic Traditions is open for business.
(Truth be told, I never did close, orders and customer visits happened while traveling cross country.)
What can I say, I love working with you all and helping you make your dreams come true!
Cheers to our new adventures!  *p*O*p

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Awe on the Water

Giant blooms of Calendula from floating garden. May 2015
My heart feels like crying today.  Aromatic Traditions opens tomorrow as promised from our new floating oasis in Scappoose OR.  So grateful for all of the help along the way. More pictures and stories to come of my amazing journey. Just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone and let you know that I miss you every day and hold your goodness in my heart.  From my heart to yours...