You want the best and that is why we offer you alternative skin care regimes that contain no known toxic or cancer causing ingredients.  We bless each seed, plant each herb, and gather each flower with sacred intention at our “floating herbal oasis".
We gather herbs and flowers, then dry, tincture and blend our gorgeously green products with ingredients with limited impact to your body and our environment.
After all--they are one in the same, aren't they?
We grow our own herbs and flowers on our organic floating garden farm AND connect with other local organic farmers to flush out our supplies.  This assures the highest quality of ingredients from sources that are personal, transparent and ethical.  Keeping it local connects commodity to community.* We source packaging that is biodegradable and/or recyclable as a continual commitment to protecting our precious environment.



Stepping out in my father Jack's hat.  He called me "intrepid" and little did he know that I would spend my youth backpacking, whitewater river running and touring the National Parks of the US (inspired by looking through a View Master as a tot).


My FIRST tomato!  A gardener is born.  Later I would try to distill Peony essence in my EasyBake oven.  True story.


My intimate relationship with nature was inspired by growing up literally "in" the Pine Creek Gorge of Pennsylvania.  Bear, rattlesnake, raccoon and the wild river were part of my every day experience. Nature became my teacher and ally while walking the forest.


Sustainability and environmental issues became my passion. I created the first photography internship with Rodale Press and Kutztown University.  I worked on Organic Gardening and New Farm magazines.  I became an anti-nuke protestor and started to walk my talk as a spokesperson for our beautiful planet.


Here I am guiding on the Snake River in Wyoming.  I was later offered a prized position as a whitewater guide on the beautiful and mighty Colorado River.  The thrill! The river became metaphor for my life. Going with the flow. Letting go right before the rapids. Rowing when you need to and drifting too. We are born 80% water - I love this fact.


A cherished moment... Maria and I in front of the restaurant we started -The Morning Glory Cafe in Flagstaff, AZ.  We were young and determined to bring organic, locally-sourced food to our customers.  Maria has passed and the "MoGlo" still thrives and carries the tradition of love and soul-full food.  August 2015 is the 30th anniversary of this beloved place.


My first "green" personal care company - Lilly's Essential Products arrives on the scene.  There weren't many of us making phthalate-free and organic products. The green skincare industry was just beginning.  My garden was located within 40 acres of primal forest and my lab was often visited by bear and other wild creatures. Truly creative.


I knew as a child that my life would change when I turned 50 - and it did! I got married to my dear husband John who brought two beautiful boys into my life.  We bought a boat because it was his dream and I encouraged him to make his dreams come true.  The adventure continues on the water as I learn to master sailing, parenting and growing gardens for Aromatic Traditions.


Letting it shine at GreenStar Coop in Ithaca, NY.  I love meeting my customers face to face.  Demo day is always a fun day.  I get to hear what you like, what you don't and what you are looking for.  My products reflect the responsiveness to flow I learned on the rivers of my life.  May this timeline continue to grow for the love of nature.

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