"I have used Aromatic Traditions™ for years and know of their quality. Recently I was vacationing in Belize and was out too long without sunscreen and that night had a horrific sunburn on my face. Thankfully I had the Carrot and Calendula eye cream in my bag. I used it like a face cream and my face was healed by the end of my vacation. I was familiar with the concept that Calendula works well on skin issues and thankfully it sure did!!!!"
-Deb, Portland OR

"Aromatic Traditions™ customized products and labels has set our spa at an exciting new scale. We now have customized products exclusive to our customers with the quality; knowledge and attention from Susan's 15 years of experience. It has been a beautiful part of our evolving dream."
-Laura Lee Robinson, Emerge Spa

Susan Varga designed a signature scent for me and, although I know of her talent with herbs, essential oils and all things healing, I was blown away. It's a special feeling to have your own scent, designed just for you, knowing it reflects who you are and even shows you who you might be...which is the secret in Sue's perfumes! She accesses so many levels of creativity, beauty, healing and Spirit with absolutely delicious holistic results. I heartily recommend having Sue design your signature scent...you're worth it!
--Linda Lee, Matrix Alchemy
  When I dabbed the perfume on my wrist. Perfect is a much overused word, but in this case, it was apt...this blend was perfect for me! Sue interviewed me about different scents, a very intuitive process. Layered with her encyclopedic knowledge of perfumery, the result is enchanting. It doesn't just "smell pretty", for me it is a reminder and reflection of who I am.
 --Jenny Garrison, RN, author of Imagery In You
  The Wisdom Oils are beautifully crafted.  They create an opportunity to learn about yourself and what you need in your life at any given moment while also providing something tangible to help cope with life’s challenges and impart wisdom and guidance.  They are an original and spectacular tool and are filled with loving open-hearted energy.  
--Chelsea Ambrose, LMSW, Grief Services Clinical Leader, CareFirst

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