Friday, October 23, 2015

Self-Care Ritual Box: Water Renewal

Self-Care Ritual Boxes              Aromatic Traditions 2015

So what is Self-Care?
Self-care is any intentional action you take to tend to your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  Buzz word -- intentional.  We need to initiate something for ourselves.
Not so easy for most of us, don't you agree?
Like the "shoemaker's son" I am guilty of putting off my personal needs for the needs of others; family, neighbors, customers, etc. and find myself at the bottom of the barrel.
The bottom is dry - not juicy.
The bottom feels empty - not full.
The bottom seems dark - not light.
Creativity gets stagnant - lacks flow.
Have you noticed that doing one small thing a day can turn these feelings around?
Something as simple as lighting a candle and soaking in some fine bath salts.  You know that "Ahhhhh..." when you slip into the water and feel your muscles sigh in relief.
You let go, you surrender.
And with surrender, your heart opens and into it flows all the juiciness, full-filling and lightness the world has to offer.

Here is a postcard which is included in one of my four Ritual Boxes:
Feel free to substitute any of the products that you have around your home and create a Water Renewal Ritual for yourself.

Blessings to YOU!

We've launched our first box -- Renewal, Elemental Water Ritual -- check it out here:
Shhhh...each box contains a one-of-a-kind talismans designed by artist Linda Lee of Dragonhill Studio

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